Pipeline Development

Besides creating beautifully rendered images, I have also discovered a passion for developing pipeline toolsets, interactive UIs for both users and artists, and structured databases that power these tools.


I was tasked with creating a complete pipeline toolset which would be used to manage all client requested deliverables, reduce repetitive 3D Artist processes, and ensure accuracy when delivering thousands of deliverables. The database manages all available doors, wood species, finishes, glazes, and techniques that MasterBrand offers. I then developed numerous applications and toolsets that connect to the database. A client Request Form ensures that all information needed to deliver final images has been provided. The database then drives a complete set of 3D and compositing software plugins to ensure all assets are rendered correctly and manages which doors need to be rendered. Finally, a standalone application verifies that all the images that were requested and being delivered with all required metadata.

The video below is a brief overview of that toolset.

A brief overview of the MasterBrand toolset that I created.


I began my career as a 3D Artist creating “Build Your Own” configurators for popular automotive brands like Chevy, Cadillac, and GMC. I quickly identified significant inefficiencies in the existing processes. To address this I developed a set of tools that allowed me and all my peers to work more efficiently and keep the number of additional artists required to a minimum. That first set of production tools opened the doors for me to then work side by side with a team of 6 coders and scripters to launch a very robust set of tools geared specifically to vehicle configurators.